About Queer Mind Stichting

Established in 2021, the Queer Mind Foundation (QMF) exists with the sole purpose of tackling the social and cultural hurdles facing queer youth in The Hague.
We’re talking about serious issues like violence and homelessness that are holding young kids back.

So, what does the Queer Mind Foundation do about it?

We step in where others don’t.
We’re the only ones in town actively working to provide stable housing for our target group, so they can feel safe.

Our goal is simple: to stop the cycle of exclusion and help these young people stand tall in Dutch society.
But it’s not just about finding solutions.
We’re also about building bridges. We’re sparking conversations with residents and organizations across The Hague, spreading awareness and understanding. Because when we all come together, we can create a city where queer youth are accepted, included and supported.

Wist je dat?


doesn’t dare to walk
hand in hand on the street


Oftenly experience physical
or verbal violence


young people are homeless

We believe that…

… young people have a remarkable ability to find their way when they are provided with an environment that validates them and offers opportunities

… empowering young people to take charge of their own futures is essential at every step

… there is an inherent goodness in people that drives them to show kindness and compassion to one another

… bringing people together is often about identifying common goals and interests and emphasizing the similarities that unite us.

Queer Mind Foundation (2021)

What else the Queer Mind Foundation does:

The QMF is a queer organization that seeks to establish bonds of solidarity and fraternity among its various members and users.
For this purpose, it has a venue in the centre of The Hague, where we organize activities such as Gay Cinema, Queetchen or Theater Workshops, where everyone is welcome.

Activities. Join us!

A strong sense of community is defined by bonds of solidarity and commitment.
Although our initial target group is young LGBTQI+ and queer people in vulnerable situations, we believe that the participation of wider sectors of our community will strengthen our purpose.

That is why our activities are sometimes mainly aimed at members of the queer community, but certainly at all residents of The Hague.

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