Since its inception in 2021, the Queer Mind Foundation has been dedicated to enhancing the safety, visibility and emancipation of the queer community in The Hague. Impacting the lives and opportunities of many queer youth in the city, including violence and homelessness, the foundation made it its primary objective to address them.

To date, the Queer Mind Foundation stands as the sole organization in the city actively confronting the housing insecurity of our target demographic.

The shelter serves as a refuge where young individuals are treated with dignity and respect, supported by a team of dedicated professionals who prioritize their physical and emotional well-being.

Through these efforts, the foundation aims to prevent exclusion and empower queer youth to achieve self-reliance.
In addition, the QMF strives to promote greater understanding within the wider society by engaging in dialogue with residents and organizations in The Hague.

The ultimate goal is to encourage acceptance, inclusion and support for queer youth.

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