The project is financially supported by…

Municipality of The Hague; administratively
supported by SHOP The Hague, and the Shelter project is logistically supported by Le Refuge-Belgium.

The Shelter “Le Refuge” – Belgium offers shelter to LGBTQIA+ young people between 18 and 25 years old in Brussels.
The users are people who have been excluded from their living environment because of their sexual orientation and/or gender expression.
The team accompanies them during their stay and provides aftercare afterwards.
Residents receive administrative, social and legal support, as well as help with studying, following a training course, finding a job and housing.
They also have access to psychological counselling.

SHOP – The Hague has years of experience in providing support to young adults, including the queer community. SHOP provides shelter, services and assistance to sex workers and victims of human trafficking.
Additionally, we have the support of:

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